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Updates on What's Going on at Shore Line East

A new Shore Line East timetable will take effect Monday, October 29, 2018.

The following are notes regarding the new schedule:

  • Select weekday SLE trains will be replaced by bus service. Look for BUS designation on SLE timetables. Weekend trains are not affected by bus substitutions at this time.

  • The following bus substitutions will return to train service:
    • 1671 Westbound (arr. New Haven 2:42 PM)
    • 1622 Eastbound (dep. New Haven 1:08 PM)
    • 1668 Eastbound (dep. New Haven 8:00 PM)
    • 1670 Eastbound (dep. New Haven 8:15 PM)

  • The following trains will continue to be serviced by bus substitutions:
    • 1621 Westbound (arr. New Haven 5:50 AM)
    • 1627 Westbound (arr. New Haven 6:17 AM)
    • 1645 Westbound (arr. New Haven 8:30 AM)
    • 1649 Westbound (arr. New Haven 8:55 AM)
    • 1675 Westbound (arr. New Haven 4:00 PM)
    • 1687 Westbound (arr. New Haven 7:10 PM)
    • 1602 Eastbound (dep. New Haven 6:25 AM)
    • 1604 Eastbound (dep. New Haven 6:55 AM)
    • 1626 Eastbound (dep. New Haven 2:17 PM)
    • 1638 Eastbound (dep. New Haven 5:16 PM)
    • 1656 Eastbound (dep. New Haven 7:17 PM)

  • The following trains will also be substituted by bus service:
    • 1681 Westbound (arr. New Haven 5:15 PM)
    • 1632 Eastbound (dep. New Haven 3:24 PM)
    • 1646 Eastbound (dep. New Haven 6:45 PM)

  • Amtrak will conclude a major track work undercutting program between New Haven and Old Saybrook before the new schedule goes into effect.

  • Please be aware of the changes in the station platform boarding track designations:
    • Early Morning Westbound trains (before 10:30 AM) will board on track 2 for Branford, Madison, Clinton and Westbrook, and track 4 for Guilford.
    • Early Morning Eastbound trains (before 10:30 AM) will board on track 1 for Branford, Guilford and Westbrook.

  • Please check our stations page for each station's bus pickup and dropoff location.

  • Double-check the schedule for possible minor train time changes.

  • Refer to New Haven Line schedules for NHL schedule changes.

  • Select Amtrak trains allow cross-honoring of Shore Line East Multi-Ride tickets. In addition to existing Amtrak cross-honored trains, additional Amtrak trains will provide cross-honoring service for Shore Line East Customers with a monthly, weekly or ten trip ticket between 10/22-11/16. More information available here.

  • Students at participating U-Pass CT schools can use the U-Pass aboard ALL Shore Line East trains. It is NOT accepted aboard any Amtrak train, including those trains listed on the schedule that accept Shore Line East Multi-Ride tickets. More details at

Download NEW Schedule Effective October 29 2018 Here