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Updates on What's Going on at Shore Line East

September 18, 2018

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) today announced that it is taking several steps to improve communication with CTrail Shore Line East (SLE) rail customers and the reliability of the aging SLE rail fleet. As a result of an Amtrak construction project and the ongoing rehabilitation of locomotives, the service has not been operating at levels customers have come to expect.

Several steps are being taken in response to specific feedback received from customers at public forums and train rides by CTDOT management.

Amtrak, which operates SLE under contract to CTDOT, will expand the hours at the maintenance shop to three shifts, seven days a week in early October, and immediately increase over time allowances to repair out-of-service locomotives and rail cars.  In order to reduce the impact to customers when trains are unexpectedly canceled, buses will be on standby at stations until more reliable service can be maintained. 

To improve communications, CTDOT management staff will be riding SLE trains for the next 30 days to monitor the situation and talk to customers.  SLE customer service hours will be extended until the end of evening peak through the end of October.  Customers are encouraged to call or email CTrides with any continuing concerns, so appropriate action can be taken. Also, by the end of October, customers will be able to sign up to receive customized alerts by text and email to stay informed of the status of their train, instead of having to monitor @SLEalerts on Twitter for information.

Commissioner Jim Redeker and other CTDOT and Amtrak officials will be at New Haven Union Station on Thursday, September 20, from 4-6 pm to meet with SLE customers.

View the official Connecticut Department of Transportation news release HERE.